Bridal Services
Bridal Make-up Hair Trial:
Free Consultation
Trial Make-up: $100
Total Time: About 2 hr
Bridal Make-up Hair:
Make-up: $150 (in studio)
Hair: $150 (in studio)
Make-up & Hair: $270 (in studio)
Total Time: About 2 hr
Pre-wedding photoshoot:
Make-up & Hair (reserved): $300 + Traveling Fee
Hair: $150 (in studio)
Make-up & Hair: $270 + Traveling Fee
On Wedding Day:
Make-up: $150 (inc. Fake Eye Lash & Body Polish)
Hair: $150
Make-up & Hair: $300 + Traveling Fee
Total Time: 1hr 30min~ 2hr
Bridal Assistant (Touch up & Changing Style)
*Please contact us for more information
Jewellery & Accessories Rental (up to 3 pieces)
Refundable Deposit: $100 From $200
Bride’s Maid & Family Members
Make-up: $75/person
Hair: $75/person
Make-up & Hair: $135 (inc. Fake Eye Lash)
Flower Girls Makeup & Hair
From $30/person
Free for 5 years old and under
Groom & Groom’s Men Makeup $30/person

Other Occasions
Make-up (day): $55
Make-up (night): $75 person (inc. Fake Eye Lash)
Hair: $70/person
Make-up & Hair: $135 (inc. Fake Eye Lash)
On door service Make-up & Hair $135 + Traveling Fee
3+ people $130

Bridal Personal Assistant for the day
Silver Package
3hr $650 (touch up for bride, brides maid & 1 extra style!)

Deluxe Package
$1000 for the entire day (One bridal and one brides maids make-up & hair in the morning. Following with all day touch up for bride, all the brides maid, groom, groom’s man, family. 2 to 3 extra style and accessories for bride. 2 complimentary consultation. Have to finish before 8pm.
*Traveling fee included.